Red Snapper Season off to a Sizzlin’ Start

This past Saturday was the opening day of our 52 day Red Snapper season here in Florida state waters & the fishing offshore is really starting to heat up. Monday, I had the pleasure of fishing with my son, a couple local Hobie teammates & 3 teammates from out of town that were visiting for the holiday weekend.

The day greeted us with a beautiful sunrise, calm seas & perfect conditions. Soon after launching we were surrounded by schools of bait & easily filled our bait tubes in no time. Once bait was made, we started our troll. Because of the size of our group, we opted to split a couple times & meet back up. Within a minute of my son’s first line in the water he was hooked up on a Mahi.


 At our first bottom spot we were pleasantly surprised to land a mixed bag of Lane, Mangrove & Red Snapper.

Image 13

 Photo by Chris Holmes

Image 10

 Photo by Chris Holmes

 After putting a few fish in the bag it was time to move. Not long after starting our troll, my son’s line get’s trainwrecked & we thought for sure he had a Cobia on. The fish put up an awesome battle & when it finally came to the surface we were quite shocked to see this 31″ giant Red Snapper.

Image 17

 Photo by Chris Holmes

 Our next couple spots were close to 2 miles away & on this long troll we got into a solid King Mackerel bite. In all the excitement to get back to bottom dropping & fill our bags, we didn’t get any great photos of the Kings. They were all in the 24-36″ range & feeding very aggressively.

At our next spot, I was finally able to get in the game & land some really nice fish.

Image 18

Image 14

 Photo by Chris Holmes

 The next spot yieled some epic battles.

10273375_776281789069366_8662310443165896126_oPhoto by Brandon Barton

Image 11

Image 15

 Photo by Chris Holmes

 The fish of the day was landed by Chris Holmes after a colossal battle where the rod snapped during mid fight. Chris remained calm & brought up only the 3rd Warsaw Grouper to be caught from a kayak in our area.

Image 12

 In the end, we had a 7 man limit of Red Snapper, 2 very nice Mangroves, a Lane, 2 Mahi, a Warsaw Grouper, a bunch of Kings & a handful of sharks. A couple of our guys were still out fighting Kings & missed the group photo. Special thanks to Brandon Barton & Chris Holmes for some great photos of our offshore adventure.


 Now is the time to get out & take advantage of the Red Snapper season & some excellent offshore fishing.


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