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Coprosma Coprosma. Relatively disease and pest free and prefers a slightly acidic well-drained soil and moderate watering. The name Coprosma means "smelling like dung" and refers to the smell (methanethiol) given out by the crushed leaves of a few species.. Coprosma repens ‘Fireburst’ (mirror plant) An evergreen shrub with leathery, ovate, glossy leaves which are variegated dark green and orange, turning more red … semi-succulent) leaves with bright green and very glossy upper surfaces. Leaves opposite each other, 2–8 cm long, 10–50 mm wide. Photographer Don Wood, Wallaga Lake north of Bermagui ... to hairy. Great for landscaping coastal sites or hedging. One of the toughest coprosmas, found in coastal areas. BOTANICAL NAME: Coprosma repens. The foliage of this Coprosma is dark reddish/brown. Cannot tolerate any more than a very light frost. It has dense growth to 3 to 5 feet tall by 4-6 feet wide - a bit lower when exposed to coastal winds. Note the 'miniskirt' of blue-gray succulent tucked underneath for ... Musings on San Francisco Flower and Garden Show 2014. Coprosma repens is a shrub with widely-spreading branches and distinctive glossy, fleshy leaves. Cultivation Coprosma repens can tolerate very exposed, dry conditions but not waterlogged or wet soil. (Coprosma repens 'Marginata') grows +-1 to 1.5m tall and has light yellow margined leaves. Fruit 6-8 mm long, glossy, orange-red. Coprosma repens is a shrub or small tree that is native to New Zealand. Looking glass plant 'Evening Glow', Mirror plant 'Evening Glow', Coprosma repens 'Evening Glow' Genus. ... with minute calyx lobes, corolla shortly funnel-shaped; female flowers usually 3 per inflorescence, with very short obtuse calyx lobes; corolla tube funnel-shaped and splitting into 2-4 lobes, yellowish-green. Description. An endemic species found on North and South Islands and … Common names include Taupata, Mirror Bush, Looking-glass Bush, New Zealand Laurel and Shiny Leaf. Habit. These species can be distinguished by the following differences: mirror bush (Coprosma repens) has slightly fleshy (i.e. Coprosma repens Taupata, mirror plant. Genus Coprosma are evergreen shrubs with leathery, simple leaves and insignificant dioecious flowers, followed by colourful berries on female plants, where both sexes are grown together Details [Pacific Night] is a frost-tender, dense, evergreen shrub to 1.5m tall. Stipules (appendages at the base of leaf stalks) are short with small black glands (denticles) along their margins. Browse and purchase our Coprosma repens and other products online or instore at Southern Woods. Coprosma repens 'Evening Glow' injects this combo with a kaleidoscope of glorious color. See how Coprosma repens 'Pink Splendor' vivifies the warm, orangey glow of the "beehive" planter shown here. Numerous cultivars are available: ‘Coffee Cream’ has creamy yellow-edged foliage; ‘Coppershine’ is fast growing and has glossy foliage with a copper-bronze tinge … Coprosma repens - Taupata - A native New Zealand small tree or shrub with thick, broad glossy leaves. A background and foreground screening shrub with a dense habit and dark green, high-gloss leaves. A genus of about ninety species found mainly in the lands bordering the S.W. Many species are small shrubs with tiny evergreen leaves, but a few are small trees and have much larger leaves.The flowers have insignificant petals and are wind-pollinated, with long anthers and stigmas. … The prostrate form has been cultivated as a ground cover, and there is a variegated foliage form available to … Best uses. It has brilliant, glossy, pale green and cream leaves and inconspicuous little flowers that give way Photographer Avenue, New Zealand. The Green Infrastructure Project is a partnership between Botanic Gardens of South Australia; Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources; Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure; Natural Resources, Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges; and Renewal SA. Common Name, Taupata, which is the Maori name. How to grow Coprosma grandifolia (Kanono) Coprosma grandifolia is a NZ native shrub grown for its glossy foliage and colourful berries. It reaches approximatly 1M in height. Coprosma. . in P. Lesson, Voy. Groundcover Coprosma Attractive compact, spreading groundcover with tangled lush green foliage, creating an almost moss-like effect. Coprosma repens ‘Pacific Night’ has shiny purple/burgundy leaves and an upright growth habit. Coprosma Coprosma. Citation: A. Coprosma Pacific™ Sunrise is chocolate brown with hot pink highlights and Coprosma Pacific™ Sunset has a vivid red centre set against a burgundy to chocolate brown margin. Plant Selector + has been assisted by SA Water and the Local Government Research and Development Scheme. Coprosma 'Evening Glow' Other names. It can survive in many climates, but is most commonly found in coastal areas, lowland forests, or shrublands. C. repens form can vary, from a prostrate form to an upright, slightly weeping form. Jan 11, 2015 - Buy Coprosma repens 'Midnight Martini', Mirror plant, online plants for sale, at Urban Jungle plant nursery via mail order. Coprosma repens 'Poor Knights' A selected form of C. repens … Oct 18, 2019 - Proven Winners - Waxwing™ Orange - Mirror Bush - Coprosma repens green plant details, information and resources. Coprosma repens 'Fireburst' is: Evergreen. Media in category "Coprosma repens" The following 38 files are in this category, out of 38 total. A sprawling shrub with small green, glossy foliage. Coprosma repens is also excellent for hedging and shelters in Auckland, as it forms a dense hedge if kept trimmed. An extremely tough hardy tree that can withstand coastal winds and salt spray. How tall does Coprosma grow? Male and female flowers on different plants. The leaves are rounded and glossy making this evergreen shrub a great plant for container gardening. Coprosma from Burncoose Nurseries Varieties of Coprosma available to buy include the following: COPROSMA 'Beatson's Gold' ,COPROSMA 'Fireburst' ,COPROSMA 'Inferno' ,COPROSMA …

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