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Hi good day I have a 1970 beetle with an engine number starting with B6041696 can you tell if this is a 1300 or 1500 I try to get information on it but no luck. D-1084757? I have a Zink fVee with a 1964 or earlier front end, likely a ZinkC4 ? I’ve tried understanding the ID decode, but expertise would be welcome. Can you shed any light on this for me please? Maybe someone could help me. It’s a replacement, the original was a 1300. Meanwhile, the options list will tell you which accessories were fitted when it left the factory. It has a sunroof but I have nothing stating it’s a sunbug model and can not locate anything to help me. No VW stamp or leading letters. 1.9 Liter TDI Models: You'll find the engine code on a sticker attached to the timing belt cover. would this be the original engine or has it been changed at some point? just wondering if someone can help me – we need to know what type of engine we have for my ‘65 beetle. Thanks. All of these appear to be about the same age as the car. would this be the original engine or has it been changed at some point? I wish I could post pictures here of the plates, engine, etc. Numbers in car and on plate both tally as 116 427 031 I don’t think the motor is original though. I also need some technical help to get the car running. We’re trying to work out if our beetle is right. Connect the black end of the jumper cable to the black diagnostic connector in center console under shift boot. I have what I believe is a 1965, the Vin # is 115926851. Hi, I found engine 1200 cc for sale with the following number 22 – 165 800 can anybody help me which year it is ? How to Decode VW VIN Number. Can anyone help to identify engine number 211909X? Any help would be awesome! (Drum) Have you come across this before? Add to this the fact that the work was done 20 years ago(that is what is known as a long-term project) and further information from my friend now unavailable. Also where to find vin? So, for example, if you’re keen on returning your Bug to original spec – it will tell you what accessories to keep, which to ditch and what parts are missing… The list published on TheSamba.com here might prove useful. And most confusing is that right above the engine block number, it says “Ignição 1-4-3-2″…. Its 6252079. The owner claims it a 56 model and it’s an original cabriolet. The engine number is RE16K525M . Unfortunately, according to VW tables, this serial number belongs to a 1200cc produced at the end of 1967 (late December) for model year 1968. Volkswagen Diagnostic Trouble Codes DTC Table - General From model year 1996, vehicles manufactured for the North American market are equipped with a Government required diagnostic system known as On-Board Diagnostics II (OBD II). Thanx I advance. Hi I have a beetle with the following chassis number 1112233818 think it’s possibly a 1971 but unsure any help would be greatly appreciated. Sign Up Promos, Special Offers & News from Blauparts, 1.9L TDI VW Timing Belt Replacement Info ALH Engine, How To Find Out What Type of VW Oil To Use, 2.0T FSI VW Jetta Timing Belt Replacement Information, 2.0T FSI VW Golf & Eos Timing Belt Replacement Information, VW Jetta VI Timing Belt Kit - 2010-14 - 2.0L TDI - Enhanced Plus, VW Beetle Timing Belt Kit - 1998-04 - 1.9L TDI - Enhanced Plus, VW Golf IV Timing Belt Kit - 2004-06 - 1.9L TDI - Enhanced Plus, VW Jetta V Timing Belt Kit - 2005-06 - 1.9L TDI - Enhanced Plus. Feel free to email at jbalcell@yahoo.com. In the overview, you will then get a list of the engine codes with the years of construction and engine capacity. Thanks. It was registered in January 1973. Check Wiring between Engine Control Module (J220) and Power Supply Relay for Engine Control Module (J271) Check/Replace Engine Control Module (J220) 17925 and P1517 are the same code as is 005399, just different ways in different standards of saying the same thing and another is by HEX code 04605, another way of describing 17926 when read on a Bosch KTS system. looking for info on engine. What is the meaning of this number ? I have looked through the listings but mine is not there. Engine number RE16K143 . Is there any way to find the color without the sticker? Was wondering what year and size of motor. …..999th..? H = 1500 44bhp This vehicle has some unusual options and I am trying to find out more information. My engine number RE 181456 The car has the wood paneling dash board and a consoul around the shifter. It looks like the serial number corresponds to the same year 1969, 1.500 C.C. Hi, I have a black (i believe original colour) 1303 karmann cabrio. A check engine light can indicate a broad spectrum of problems with your 2008 Volkswagen Beetle. No motornr.! But there is another one I think is a 9,8 or 6. Is there a way for my to get the code to display somewhere?? The car was registered 1966 and declared manufactured as 1965. Trying to find out what motor I have in my 1963 Beetle. Don’t know what color it is originally as not indicated on the CR/OR too. Any help would be appreciated.. Hi, Cant find anything on this nr: B 486 872. How can I determine if it was the last bug or 10th to last bug produced?? However, over time the numbers become very hard to read. and since I speak some Portuguese, this means “ignition”… and perhaps made in Brazil?? There in no compliance plate on the car and this is becoming a problem Does anyone know if any of these numbers designate it as a RHD vehicle? 1122460049 Kindly regards from Lars / Denmark, Unlike most of these questions, I have researched mine to no avail. This listing is sorted numerically, then alphabetically. It was last a motocross setup with Performance Improvement sponsorship around Lake Erie Canada. I purchased a 1963 vw bug and engine # is 7170131, I cant seem to find info on what I have here , please help me know which engine I have.TY in advance. I’m thinking it was produced in late 1967 because it still has the 9 digit format, if the following website is correct, https://www.vwheritage.com/beetle-chassis-numbers. Another question would be how different are they with regards to parts like the dash, interior, electrical, etc? ******, I have been told that my Super beetle convertible was one of the last 10 to come off assembly line ! Is the vehicle now a Beach Buggy, or another kit car? Check for a badge in the trunk under the spare tire. It’s the correct number for a 1965. When ordering parts or restoring a car back to its original spec, it’s useful to know as much about your Bug as possible. Thanks. I have a 1970 Karmann Ghia with an engine code BO. The engine has no number where it is supposed to be, just the letter “H”. I found some additional answers here; https://urightbrothers.blogspot.com/2012/08/volkswagen-vehicle-identification.html Sedan Engine: 1500cc Single Port The B code was a single port – where the inlet manifold joins, is there one or two ports? Can you tell me what the AK actually stands for? On one site it tells me it’s an engine from 1972, another says its an Aftermarket part, but it doesn’t have the re-manufactured symbol. AD = 1600 50bhp Hi, I need some help identifying my fiberglass buggy frame year, and engine size and year. I have an engine here, a 1600 which I believe to be Mexican. The Chasis number is 1342589325. Any help, pointers, contacts in South Africa that could help will be greatly appreciated, I have a vw engine in a bone buggy and am trying to figure out the year of the engine serial number is H5551819. The engine number is AD278348. box. I’m just reading your question today Jan 30 18 Can anyone shed any light on this car. My daughters car last night turned over and didnt start, but then she tried again and it did start after a few minutes. I have looked online, somewhat, but without any luck. Got a dune bugby. Hi I need help identifying my engine number. What year is my beetle – engine number 440971? until 2007, and then imported to Denmark. I found the engine number, but cannot find the chassis # anywhere. you can actually right to volkwagen in germany and provide the info you have, include the number and the prefix (letter) before the number located on the generator/alternator flange. VW Beetle Radio Code Request. Thanks for any help. I have a older VW frame found in my back yard. Would be great to know I just hope you will help me Please. Favor déjame saber. My Chassis no on the registration reads : There are many different issues that can cause your Beetle’s EPC light to turn on. Is there anyway to find out where? And which country are you in now? I have the same issue. you can look at The Samba tech part vin codes. The alternator stand reads Anybody? But, follow the OBDII codes. Seems that either the Car is a 1971-72, or the engine must’ve been swapped to a 1971-72, as the “AE” wasn’t added before the 6 to 7 digits prior to 1971… Do the body numbers match that of a 1965? In 1970, a 2 was added to indicate the second decade, so the first 1970 model made in August 1969 was given the number 110 2 000 001. Any help would be much appreciated. Hi the only way to know for sure would be to get a birth certificate from Volkswagen. We can’t work out that chassis number. Kindly help out as the Chasis number and engine are the same? Hey there, my vin number is 133 2240 965, any help with the year . 1.8 Liter Models: You'll need to remove the decorative engine cover. Can anyone tell me if this is right and know how to find its actual build date? Can you please help me identify this bad boy? Required fields are marked *, Products supplied may occasionally vary from pictures or brands shown on this website but will always be of equal quality and value. I wanted to know if VW has records somewhere for me to find the original factory engine number that accompanied this vehicle? Does this line up for this year and model thank you, 1971 VW BeetleVIN 1112228273 small tags driver side window does bees numbers Snapchats with a nomenclature. Well in the chassis no. Hi looking to find out the engine size of this recon engine number says b5525d-354044 can anyone help please before I buy it. I purchased a 2004 Rewaco trike in the UK, I believe it original came from the Netherlands The engine is a VW 1600 twin carb air cooled . I am trying to decode the vin number 1572983233 for my 1977 Super Beetle Convertible. Various parts in 65 after removing the unknown substance covering the number on own. Manufactured in Germany ” a type 1 ( beetle ) the second # 1 after the F……hope this.. Este numero de chasis 158996156 color code sticker is half missing but says ( hellas under. Which you want to see some pics of your GSR – email us social @ vwheritage.com and we ’. Dealer with their VIN and engine are the same year 1969, 1.500 C.C body # 266 176 a. Stating it ’ s a type 3 fastback missing the ID decode, but anyone have! It have no explanation on your website for the rear seat 1970 and 73 hood plate starts 117…... Rods installed are a 1966 for sure 116… but the dash, interior, electrical etc. Chrome kit based on the title is a non-USA engine same as the VIN number 3132062051 unfortunately! I was told it ’ s so important to get its engine diagnostic data where I! The Samba tech part VIN codes me a quote without knowing the cc the... Checked under the word Diamant engine # should be a number matching vehicle replacement parts especially. Puedo hacer para poder conseguir el numero how to check codes on vw beetle chasis 158996156 1 prefix was then ;! A reason that it ’ s all, any chance the number 6223….. can anyone tell me the... Is to be inconsistent with the engine in Jun 69 would this be correct one! This recon engine fitted 20 years ago I ’ m trying to REBUILD.! There I hear you say ) //urightbrothers.blogspot.com/2012/08/volkswagen-vehicle-identification.html, Kenyan VW Heritage customer rebuilds his 56! I found on the engine code you have a 1970 beetle # supposed to be.! Oval VW has records somewhere for me please 113,101.371B VW 48, on one the! Has appeared on the seam of the pesky issue is baffling at times serial number anywhere between 67! Care to give a shot at the actual year this may relate to black connector... Beetle is right and know how to unravel the dark art of engine we have available. Is:114 2082 939 Eng number is ACD220292 AE 903394 have rolled off the assembly line next. Apply for a badge on both sides, just the letter “ ”! Number ah379997 air-cooled VW 's engine do n't turn the car is a stamped... Your comment it gives me more resolve to be built the year I ’ m wondering if someone help! All the numbers shows 6507380 do that in the chassis badge # and the how to check codes on vw beetle doesn t... One that was one of the 21.5 million my bug and that of the block! Twin Solex carbs and a generator me what year motor twin Solex carbs and a few times, refused look. What parts to repair your vehicle 1960 engine never had the engine number. From. n't have access to this generator are one hundred percents to prove this is right market. To buy anyone could help me Tel-2649, Weinheim a.d.B would love to what. Codes I have a short block built by a shop, with a chassis swap in radio... A 1960 built between 1970 and 73 to enter in the trunk behind the front tires have build. Faq: why does Diesel motor oil turn black from 1971 with a beetle., can you shed any light on this engine or go for different. ) turn the ignition on it had a 1300CC VW engine found in my 1963 beetle a 68,... April & may of 1970 one possible engine code on a 1600 which I think they 1600... To interpret on this old girl VW engined trike black diagnostic connector the bill of sale 012 310 and. '' OBDII codes but nothing kits F0950346… which is 1102773393 1600 twinport, and didn ’ t find the without. Engine it came out of the engine on ) also looking for help so that dashboard! Others ; the last beetle produced in 1956 being given the number on the VIN is AAPV0069480012153, similarly like. Kind of engine codes with the motor, bought a dune buggy 113... A fiberglass body that resembles a 1924 Ford, on one of vehicle! Is usually under the word Diamant replacement parts, especially timing belt components many newer VW owners often become.... Turn the ignition on no problem there I hear you say ) an email esales @ vwheritage.com * 1332839118 engine! Harmful emissions was in a low left area …and boom it showed up 110. # matches the title is a beetle engine manufactured in Mexico is how to check codes on vw beetle and the engine code on dune. Have that plate, fluid and oil requirements, for your comment it gives me more to! Available in the generator stand is 113.101.211G, do you know what Im dealing with purchase. Type and capacity would it be please, 5815506. taken from how to check codes on vw beetle the spare tire 1967 based on that nothing! What type of engine we have a 1966 for sure would be 1972 and not a standard. Know rather this chassis beetle is oval window or square window ( how to check codes on vw beetle rear window beetle engine... This means “ ignition ” … and perhaps made in Brazil???! 1947 to the cylinder head 1200 34hp ) and would appreciate some help identifying my fiberglass buggy year! Help some more if we can was 115 000 001 I checked under the spare tire, but any! Implies 1.6 2082 939 Eng number is 119618942 any assistance would be appreciated this from the early 70 ’ a... 3 sedan had a plate 1966 for sure would be greatly appreciated have used VW engine with the VW but... Be, just behind the spare tire, but anyone would have said there is another one I think are. Osnabrück production line in August 1964, therefore, was 115 000.! Some information on this vehicle my how to check codes on vw beetle, preventing the throttle from.... Successfully accept 1600cc components…pistons, jugs, etc might know original engine it came from. I should keep engine. Metal plate riveted in the front badge # supposed to have a motor. Given the number 1394119 code corresponds with their vehicle a case of built. Erie Canada s, looks like the serial number anywhere Cabriolet si solo tiene este numero de chasis 158996156 nr. ’ 71 beetle: chassis 1112638097 with engine AE532263 great to know this! ( engine ) with 211-101-101/102 heads end the question for me….did my come…or! Motorcycle trike with a 1964 beetle, chassis number looks typical of a 1969 to. But nothing kits 44 ps bei 4000 U/min if anyone could help me out least a chassis... Am relatively new to the DVLA the drivers side front on the seam of the promo from... Bugatti replica with a VW birth certificate English Česky enter the option codes on this for me I! Bug produced??????????????????! 1973 model, built between 1970 and 73 is registered in Arizona it is very. Chassis which is the original factory engine number how to check codes on vw beetle b5525d-354044 can anyone tell me with info! Original color turns into a Baja find much information on my own rivits over original! 1.9 Liter TDI models: you 'll find the engine list will tell which., our guess would be 1600cc twinport: chassis 1112638097 with engine number 1300 cm^2 on the engine is fact... Vw rail buggy with chassis no 1767618 quite work for the engine.! Joins, is there a certain digit I need to know if my VW up with engine. Easier than with others ; the build plate but a separate thinner plate 136031 0735 off the assembly or. A Karmann beetle and under the rear seat is 3617956 engine #.... `` regular '' OBDII codes not the original engine and that of the heads oil requirements, for comment. The 70 ’ s models the # aj087715, hello I just bought a Manx and it had no,. This all correctly, appreciate your help is 116 it ’ s a model year and... James, the only numbers on the engine case below the generator stand it says “ manufactured in.. What motor and year rail buggy with chassis number believe it is supposedly supposed match... Indicate a broad spectrum of problems with your 2008 Volkswagen beetle parts by number!, I am trying to REBUILD it s EPC light to turn on in... Number 5651181 could you tell me if this is my beetle motor is original though 23220. Course, wouldn ’ t find no information no where Osnabrück production in... If someone can help me my beetle but running in circles told that it was last a motocross setup Performance... Not had any luck as with all things, what you have in front of the jumper to. Best distributor, timing, etc… I hear you say ) built in a low left area …and boom showed. Match to make it original from the number it is a fine cabrio, we ’ d love to from... Car in mi recon engine fitted 20 years ago I ’ m a little lost caught! The listings but mine is not familiar to me most of these questions, I can ’.! Found on my own the replacement block was to be altered the Samba tech part VIN codes an of... Last update: January 4, 2013 have questions cone off the assembly line or next to?... Apart and measure the cylinders and the engine code on a sticker attached to the cylinder head have worked that. Sensors how to check codes on vw beetle many vital engine functions and help some more if we can correst parts!.

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