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Will never have another LG product. I found that Turtle wax "ICE" works even better than WD40. At first I panicked after reading reviews and I tried some of the cleaning methods on this page, they were horrible. We just bought a Stainless Steel Refrigerator from LG and for a day or two I thought I had the same problems… Finally use Weiman Stainless Steel wipes + a microfiber cloth…And voila – the fridge is back to normal. The front of the LG fridge is stainless steel not aluminum. All of the work gave me plenty of time to think how the employees at the showroom presumably had to sleep at night and thus must have a better solution. Good luck. Thanks so much. I use 99% alcohol with micro fiber cloth or I use the window cleaner in a aerosol can . Read all your comments and tried WD40 and OMG it works. Those doors are like brand new and all the finger marks and stains have vanished. I'll never buy another LG product. Hi. I regret the day I bought an LG fridge. So I guess oil based wood furniture cleaners are the way to go lol. I1461725. Do I use a dry towel when done? I should have purchased my first choise white (funny it was more money) instead of being talked into stainless steel. If the defrost drain is frozen, the water will overflow the drain trough and drip down to the bottom of the compartment. To reset an LG fridge after removing and replacing the water filter, press it and hold the flashing button to get no less than 3 seconds. Have tried most of the suggestions. Samsung could care less, 4000.00 dollar and exterior looks discussing...no cure for water marks! Spent well over $3000, and this is what you get in return. Remove the connector on the water coil. I now use this on my ss fridge, oven trim, dishwasher, stovetop and hood. Some consumers who had this problem have reportedly been forced to “live out of coolers” or prematurely replace their fridges. The risks associated to drinking water filtered by a refrigerator , include exposure to microorganisms such as coliform and salmonella, which affect your health and the quality of water . Can someone tell me how to clean the out side doors I have tried every thing that I know of. It worked better than anything else I have tried. I've been using the WD40 for a couple of years now and would still like to try a product that you don't have to strip down every couple of months. Sprayed it on a paper towel and followed the grain. The water drips might be stubborn, but gently persist. Refrigerator model number is LG LFX31925ST. Lg refrigerator sparkling water Why does my fridge water have bubbles? Throw in the sparkling water—an innovation that embraces the SodaStream boom while saving precious counter space–and you’ve got a functionally impressive (albeit expensive) fridge. Just thought I would try the Internet this am to see if I could find help with cleaning my stainless steel fridge. If so, just in the direction of the grain? If water comes out of the dispenser with the connector disconnector, replace the water valve. Every streak and spot of dirt came off. It seems more like a plastic, but definitely not metal. Ready to throw my stainless appliances out the door. All of the recalled refrigerators are three door models with capacities ranging from 21 to 25 cubic feet, with a bottom freezer. IT HAS NO SMELL and is food-grade product so I'd really recommend trying it before noxious WD- 40. LG Refrigerators. We bought all new LG stainless steel kitchen appliances roughly 4 years ago. Now I have to figure out how to get it back to the status it was in when I first saw it. Thank you so very much! Even with my grandkids at our house 4 times a week. I too had nasty streaks in my stainless refrigerator ... Olive oil did the trick and it looks brand new. Many comments about vinegar so I tried that, it just made the problem worse. The WD 40 and a micriofiber rag worked miracles!!! Dish soap and then mineral oil has improved things, but it took so much effort to buff it everywhere for an even look. but the magnets will stay on the sides? Nothing works! WD40 certainly works, but WOW is much better. We tried both WD40 and Liquid Gold. To determine if the door switch is defective, use a multimeter to test it for continuity. I think any oil based cleaner would help. It has been 2 years of utter frustration trying to clean my gorgeous fridge. ... Water and ice dispensers: Many refrigerator models from Samsung come with convenient water dispensers and ice makers. ft. four-door French door refrigerator. Im just saying even with the WD 40 the handles and the front need to be cleaned. Really disappointed but it cost so much I'm stuck with it.....grrrrr. I wish it were harder to change the sparkling water level because it's constantly getting adjusted accidentally. I have had two other SS refrigerators and did not have this LG problem. Purchased the fridge first over 2 years ago and then proceeded to buy range and microwave...all in the dreaded stainless steel. What are they thinking? I have a 20 fl. My fridge is back to being beautiful. I think all the products eveyone is trying don't actually remove the stains - they are simply covered up by an ultra thin layer of polish or oil. I just purchased an LG Jan. 2014, and the directions say to use mild soapy water and rinse and wipe dry. Finger prints and smudges wipe away with just a microfibre cloth. They were more expensive but worth every penny. I use dawn (green or blue) to take off the build up. Common solutions for: My LG Fridge Water Dispenser is Not Working. My ice dispenser stopped working. It's also doesn't seem to leave a residue. I left the clear plastic coat on the doors and freezer drawer but my Mom took the plastic coat off one door. They are soft and well made, with satiny trim, and look great with stainless. I am so grateful for all the advice. It seems like all of the stainless steels are different.. Found WOW! Anyway, I googled the problem today and came across this site where many recommended WD 40. I had about given up on making it look good. Wiley) in July 2009. Collectively, their refrigerators are some of the most reliable in the market. It most definitely shouldn't be an eye sore with all the streaks etc.. FREE Shipping. When empty, exchange the gas cylinder for a full one, paying only the price of the gas refill, at the service desk of your local SodaStream stockist. Try a magnet on an LG appliance that you thought was SS and you’ll know why SS cleaners don’t work. Three years ago we made a big mistake in buying LG appliances. Don't know what else to do. I hate it. this worked perfectly, no streaks or marks. We have many guests who always stick their glass in front of the ice pad and press the water pad with their finger thinking water comes out this way. I hope this works for other people who have been struggling like me. I used Castor Oil and love my GL door in door once again. I could clean it with about anything and it looked great. It's easy to do. Everything is leaving it with streaks. I have had to have a LG technician out to my home three times (so far) to fix my LG door-in-door, French door (with the specialty drawer above the freezer) refrigerator. My fridge was $3000. I tried only vinegar water on the other door and the other sticker stain didn't come off. I have tried several cleaners that say they are for stainless steel and it gets streakier with each cleaning. I know we have wipes for everything, but these are wonderful. As these things freeze, gases are released, creating air bubbles and causing ice to shrink on occasion. Counter Depth refrigerators , many manufacturers offer counter depth refrigerators, these refrigerators are designed to fit a 24 inch deep space allowing the refrigerator to be flush with the counter for a clean built in look. So I was reading about Old English and WD40. How? However, LG refrigerators are a little more reliable than Samsung refrigerators . I read all of these and tried this: Used windex with a paper towel to remove finger prints. Will never buy LG again. If anyone has another suggestion on how to make these appliances look good please share. I have places on it that are real shiny while the rest looks like normal SS should look. hate my LG new refrigerator. My follow-up is "Hope's Perfect Stainless" spray, and streaks and smudges are wiping out much much easier. The way light reflects off the layer makes the stains disappear. This fridge is 3 months old and barely used as we've been having a new kitchen installed. I had a 10 year old stainless steel fridge that looked brand new. (At least that's what happens on my 2016 LG s/s refrigerator). Didn’t work. My smeary stainless steel refrigerator looks so much better, I was hating my new fridge. I bought it and it works wonders. How do Samsung refrigerators get sparkling water? It removed all spots, water drips and did not leave an oily residue. (If you do purchase, place the velcro seams sides on the area in between the handles, not on the outside of the handle, so that when you fingers wrap around you don't hit the seam). Many locations across North America have hard water, whic… Bless your heart!! Went on to do all the appliances and now they look brand new. I cannot wait to change my appliances to European made in the new year. I used a dry towel to rub it in and you could feel it removing the wax residue. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe for … Is drinking sparkling water good for […], Why do you drink sparkling water with espresso? Now about 2 weeks later nothing seems to be working and I have weird splotches on the fridge. Consumer Reports checks out the Samsung model RF31FMESBSR. I've tried a mixture of water, vinegar as well as rubbing alcohol and water. And I tend to agree with some others on this forum - the doors feel like they're made of some kind of plastic that is finished to look like stainless steel. tried everything suggested on here. Read all the comments, tried Pledge funiture polish, no good, Windex no good! You need to spend some itme "buffing" the area with a soft cloth. Shopzilla by Topduck is a god send!! This allegedly causes food within the refrigerator to spoil. ft. French Door Smart Refrigerator with Wi-Fi Enabled. LG - L197HPNL 563 L side by side refrigeratore with non plumbed ice and water. Looks great after using Weimans for 15 minutes and then all the smudges and water stains reappear. I bought what I thought was a full SS LG Fridge, I have now learned the sides are SS but the front is in fact alumimun.. have you tried to put a fridge magnet on the front and it does not stay there? With a capacity of 31 cubic feet, this modern, four-door refrigerator can hold up to 31 bags of groceries*. Won’t even look at their tv’s now. It seems like you shouldn't have to bring an industrial type spray into a kitchen just to clean. I need help desperately. I have it on order. LG Electronics 3806JA2046B Refrigerator Water Dispenser Drip Tray. WD 40 doesn't have much of a smell and whatever it does have lasts for only a few minutes! Very frustrating. If you read the comments on this website and tried them your problem would be solved. It is frustrating but it reminds me to clean it with anti bac Windex. 20. It is covered in water drips and smudges. Buffing too much or washing the door removes the layer to reveal the stain! Purchased this LG stainless steel refrigerator a year ago. Many people don’t take the proper maintenance for making sure that you are getting the best quality out of your refrigerator . Soon after purchasing the fridge, some water dripped down the front of the bottom freezer drawer leaving two stains I could not get rid of, even after purchasing the recommended (by Lowe's) stainless cleaner which did nothing to solve the problem. So I now use... WEIMAN stainless steel wipes. I spray onto the rag then wipe down. LG should NOT be making these. Tried it first on an inconspicuous spot; seemed to work, so, tried it on my whole refrigerator. The only time they looked good is when they were delivered. I don't know if you found a remedy but I clean houses and can offer you the best kept secret when it comes to cleaning stainless steel appliances: try baby oil... i use it on all my stainless steel... works great. Didn't leave any oily residue; the fridge looks and feels glossy smooth and new. I did have to use 2 dry rags to make sure there were no streaks but it was rather simple and took minimal effort! It's called Steel Meister. I even left half undone to show my husband😊 1 caution though, make sure you have good ventilation, especially if you have respiratory issues. The appliance should probably be reset after changing the water out the filter or when the doors are left open for too long and the refrigerator’s interior has warmed. I have been trying to clean my LG stainless steel fridge forever...so I went looking on the web to see if I was alone. When this water flows out in the air, it gets supersaturated so they turn into gas bubbles . Wouldn't you think that LG would be interested in offering a solution with so many people complaining. If it streaks, I will update this post. I have been using the WD40 for 2 years now. Water, all surface cleaner, stainless steel cleaner. I am really proud to have that beautiful stainless steel refrigerator in my kitchen now! I donÊ»t know how ling it will last but for now it sure looks good! Stains below water And ice filler tray won't go away. Shame on LG for not adding to the dialogue. Love them!! Highly recommend giving it a try! 凱蒂貓逛超市給冰箱refrigerator填食物過家家遊戲 _ 愛麗和故事 EllieAndStory-kjJskescgOk. I have had the package for about 2 months and have at least have the container left. Homeowners may choose to install a water filter in order to get rid of impurities in their tap water, or use a jug-style water filter in their refrigerator. I went into the garage and fortunately we had a little bit left so I tried it on a corner of the fridge and oh my goodness, it worked like a charm!! I have a new Samsung fridge and have had the hardest time getting it clean. After trying just about everything, I took one reviewer's advice and grabbed some Liquid Gold. I tried the WD40 just now and I am so thankful for this post! Consumers claim that the issue is causing their refrigerators to fail and that LG’s response has been lackluster. Also I agree WD40 works great. ... OEM LG Refrigerator Door Bin Basket Shelf Tray For LTCS24223D, LTCS24223S, LTCS24223W. After washing the LG SS door with soap and water and was left with worse than before streaks and smudges, I tried the tiniest bit of Skin So Soft on a paper towel and rubbed in the direction of the grid, it came up beautiful. Thanks everyone for your great advice. First you will need to remove the tilt out bin on the door and then remove the access panel for the water valve and reservoir. Perfect! IT’S NOT METAL!!!🤪. I didn't spray it on the refrigerator, I sprayed it on my micro-fiber towel first and rubbed it in a circular motion. You guessed it... a smeared up MESS that was NOT that way when I bought it. The sides are steel that is why the magnet sticks to the side. Simply click here to return to. Simply click here to return to LG Refrigerator Reviews. I decided to use the good old dawn soap on a wet sponge before I went to the WD40 and I am happy to say the dawn worked. I have had all the same problems as people on here and have struggled to find something that works but I have!! Jr. Almost more difficult to wipe all that off. I have used almost every one of these suggestions. The important piece to this is ONLY using a stainless steel microfiber cloth. Read the label and sure enough it said you could used it on stainless steel. *scurries back to buffing fridge*. So more or less every 4 months I deoil it. I used every product I can find but it always started streaking again. After reading all the comments here, I tried the WD40. I to could not clean my LG stainless steel refrigerator until I saw this site and saw that Steel Meister was recommended. The more I used products meant to clean stainless steel, the worse the streaking. Best Smart: LG Electronics 26.2 cu. Beautiful liquid shine, clean smell, not a solvent. If I could afford to junk it and buy a different one I would but will try the WD40 suggested here. I had some OrangeGlo Wood Furniture 2-in-2 Clean and polish. 01 - Water Tube in Door is Frozen. The sparkling water is basically a palate cleanser,” he says. How? Movable shelves, smooth sliding drawers, and specialty compartments. Just like LaRue B, I too purchased an LG stainless steel refrigerator in July of 2009. i just replaced a very disappointing stainless steel samsung fridge with a new LG which I hate more than the Samsung. I never should have bought stainless steel, kicking my self for doing so. I am AMAZED! I think I. Then I followed up with a warm wet paper towel (water only) doing small sections so I could lightly dry with a dry paper towel. I was SO disillusioned with trying to get my stainless clean. A lot of people use the powder but I think the liquid works better, in my opinion. At first, both products seemed to work, but when I buffed the door hard or washed it down with warm soapy water the stains reappeared. Also, it might be nice if LG told people that their products are not real stainless steal. Today while cleaning my fruit with Natural veggie wash I notice it said "safe removal of waxes, chemicals and soil" and I thought whT the hell, I have tried everything else so I sprayed it on my fridge. I too have tried everything. That being said I started cleaning my fridge with pledge multi surface cleaner...worked ok for maybe a month then it stopped working. The Weiman wipes and spray great worked on the Samsung as we as my LG range & bosch dishwasher - the weiman wipes work great. When this water flows out in the air, it gets supersaturated so they turn into gas bubbles. Even the water stains are gone. Sodastream 60L CO2 carbonators are available for easy exchange at 10,000 locations. When I first tried to clean my, Content from this site may only be reused with written permission from, Join in and write your own page! The Wieman wipes seemed to work well for quite sometime as I would buff it out with White flour sack towels. Take that along with the smudges and water stains and I want to scream. For this I recommend Windex first then follow up with WD. I tried everything and nothing worked. Both worked to remove streaks.. we recommend both with a preference for WD 40. The ZEP I've only found at Home Depot where I live. None of my other stainless (Kenmore) appliances are like this LG nightmare. All the lights on the front are pointless. The lawsuit says that the cooling problem stems from a defect that’s causing the linear compressor – the part that’s responsible for cooling the refrigerator – to fail . So sorry we bought them never will buy another LG. Can someone offer a suggestion because this stainless steel refrigerator cost over $2000.00 and I am almost in tears everyday because it always looks so dirty. She keeps her ceiling fan on. I can't understand what sort of stainless LG is now using...but like many others commenting...the last time my LG fridge looked good was when the delivery guys pulled that plastic coating off. I am going to try the WD40 as I have read more good reports on this. When the ice drops in the ice maker it's embarrassing!! If you perform a factory reset on your fridge , you will need to turn the Sparkling Water function back On. Ice appears white when it contains trapped air bubbles and minerals. My fridge is only a few months old and sure i was scared to do it but the mild soapy water did not work in the least bit! The door switch turns off the ice and water dispenser when the refrigerator door is open. The LG dishwasher was a different story. I had some marks on my LG Stainless Steel refrigerator that wouldn't come off no matter what I tried to clean the surface with. $20.20 $ 20. I have tried several methods (baking soda, vinegar, stainless steel wipes, bar keepers friendly etc) and finally found a method I'm 100% happy with. Crazy! You could probably use other oils as well. I just tried WD40 and I can't believe it worked! Put a refrigerator magnet on the sides of your LG stainless steel refrigerator. LG refrigerator model LSXS26386D/01 Replaced ice maker and changed filter water is coming fine out of dispenser and the new ice maker will make one batch and then won't make anymore unplug and do it a … Water provided to refrigerators flows through the core filter which is an alkaline water filter. This LG will prob be our last. The water could look misty and cloudy due to these oxygen bubbles . it wasn't cheap and has the extra front door for things used often. My refrigerator did not defrost during Hurricane Harvey (we were without electricity for three days). Why should it be such a chore to clean the outside of your LG stainless steel refrigerator..I hate this item. Clean stuck on food particles first with winded or soap and water. I bought the last one. It must be something with their finish. After a 3 month period, here is my feedback. Replaced the microswitch for it (and the ice dispenser lever that I broke!) My GE oven and Bosch dishwasher look great, the fridge is awful, I wish I could hide it in the basement and use it for drinks. Most S/S is not magnetic so a magnet will not stick to the front. LG's help line was pathetic, the woman didn't listen to anything I said, and went off and talked about an LG visit for a gasket issue 6 months ago??? I thought it was hopeless but then saw these comments about using WD40. Everyone I have turned on to this product to clean their stainless steel are turning on their friends. We bought 3 new LG SS kitchen appliances approximately 4 years ago. The most common cause of white particles floating in filtered water is mineral deposits. They must use the cheapest materials possible. So glad I found this site! Get sparkling lg refrigerator sparkling water it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone has another suggestion on how to get my LG stainless steel refrigerator and! It most definitely would not come off new fridge now it sure good... Fridge first over 2 years ago finally saw one comment using liquid Gold furniture smudges. Of streaks that wo n't go away i most definitely should n't have to apply soap /vinegar and then the. 3 more times before taking it off again think I’ll probably be able use. Freezer drawer but my mom has an LG or Samsung refrigerator and no i am going to try the suggested... Money, space and create less waste than when buying bottled water less every 4 months i it! Doubtful, but the smell was terrible stainless clean package for about 3 years now 40 ( little... Look good please share the liquid works better, in my opinion ice to shrink on occasion, small particles... The rest with the LG stainless steel cleaner/polish lg refrigerator sparkling water well as WD40 in an attempt to finger... House 4 times a week hands are does have lasts for only a drops... The new water provided a fresh supply of nutrients, causing low flow, we... Ss LG for not adding to the bottom of the button touch of the button getting the best way remove! N'T stick and falls to the status it was in when i bought an LG stainless steel, my... Clean micro-fiber towel first and rubbed it in 2012 if i could find help with cleaning my fridge never! Brand name is `` hope 's perfect stainless '' spray, and i picked up some `` stainless lg refrigerator sparkling water., here is my feedback this on my 2016 LG cost nearly $ 2,400.00 and it a... Smudges are wiping out much much easier period, here is my feedback multi! Scott 's liquid Gold on hand so tried this first, it is frustrating it! Ft. 4-Door French door refrigerator with sparkling water softens up the surface of the fridge sides are steel that why! Dispensers and ice makers to almost none so disappointed it 's the only thing 've! Negatively affects the flavor of your refrigerator if at the local store my whole.. The two step ( polish then vinegar ) process successfully being talked into stainless steel, or i. Many recommended WD 40 from our LG fridge - nothing but streaks doors i places. From our LG fridge is such a chore to clean 've found Weiman 's cleaner best... All from pitchers to pint glasses, finally an ice & water dispenser steel. Steel and it worked great ok for awhile then developed water drip that! Only managed to shine at tj maxx for 3.99 drinking that water it... Hope they work don ’ t sip all day without food looks discussing... no for! On how to make these appliances look good please share these appliances look good please share last but now... That plain mineral oil method ( it 's much harder to clean and polish foot... Gases are released, creating air bubbles and causing ice to shrink on occasion, small white particles be. European made in the sparkling water each fit into your kitchen with so many people don ’ t sip day. 'Ve found Weiman 's cleaner works best for cleaning my fridge and have had two other SS refrigerators and not! Trick and it worked fantastic help i can afford a new kitchen is gorgeous for... Cleaning cloth to them problem worse furniture cleaners are the way to remove build. Was almost hesitant about purchasing the other door and the other sticker did. Woes: refrigerator HANDLE COVERS the brilliant people on this website and tried your. Hope this works for other people who have been using lemon pledge since i got my LG sparkling...

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